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There are so many things you could do to spice up the atmosphere in an event. You wouldn’t want your guests to get bored easily before the main event starts, would you? Let’s say you are having an event like workshop, conference, seminar, product launching or even a small party, you will need some games or activities to loosen up the seriousness. There are so many things you can do to entertain your guess before the event starts, take a good look at the following suggestions from different sources.



If you want to make your guests to stay tune to your games & activities all the time, you could try to hold up some contests. According to UWSummit.org, photo contest is not a bad way to make the guests stay tune for games & activities. It does not only allow the guests to win some prizes, but at the same time they could also have some fun with their friends or colleagues.



Other than that, if you want something extraordinary, try fundraising event to grab attentions from the guests. Getting the empathy from audience is not an easy task, especially when you want them to fork out some money. But if you incorporate some freebies for CSR matters like “donation for homeless”, “donation for the poor” or even “donation to the country”, the result could turn out very well and it could garner much attention from all sides!



If you just to have a simple activity where no prizes are involved, maybe you can try to host for a photo booth session. According to TigrisEventsInc.com, it is an effective idea to attract guests’ attention and allow them to have fun among themselves. At the same time, it is also a great for your company to build brand awareness through the props, backdrop, banners and decoration.



We hope that by the end of this post, you can have some ideas for your pre-event games & activities. Speaking of photo booth, if you’re looking for photo booth rental, feel free to drop us a message as we are always here to help you!