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Customised Photo Gifts



Customised Photo Gifts


  1. Unlimited 4R Photo Quality Prints

All the instant printing photos are with your photo layout template. Unlimited photo printing within the service hours. 4R photo (4 inch X 6 inch) can fit a maximum of three photos.


  1. Unlimited Photo Strip Quality Prints

Another printing format is photo strip (2 inch x 6 inch) that looks like a long rectangular and can fit maximum of three photos. It’s more appropriate for when you want to get something small that you can carry around wherever you go without taking too much space in your wallet or purse or even handbag.  


  1. Photo Album

After getting all the photos what will you do? You can collect the photos and put in a photo album as a collection of your wedding album or birthday album so that you can cherish it and see back the album in the near future. It’s not quite the same as the old photo album that you see in your parent’s house but it’s memorable and precious all the same and in a few years’ time, it’ll be a vintage as all things do with the passing of time.


  1. Customized Photo Book

With the 8inch X 11inch of photobook the photo are able to print inside the photo book as a photo album. So that you can take out and recall back every memory that you have on your special day.


  1. DVD With All Photos Taken (* free slightly photo touch-up)

Photos that captured on that day in our instant photo booth will get a free touch-up to improve photo quality.  After the touch-up we will burn in in a DVD for you to customise or personalise photo gifts that you like. Other than that, you can also share at Facebook and watch the DVD with a group of buddy and laugh together while watching the photos.


So remember to take your photo and customised photo gift so that you can take it and remembrance in the future.