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Make Gifts Matter Again

Do you recall the days when you were just a young kid and was eager to get a gift for your teacher? Or remember the days in which you were tirelessly perusing from one gift store to another in your hometown? Those were happy memories, right? But what if you were to do that again in the present times? Get that idea?

Nowadays, gone are the days in which all gift stores are swarmed with enthusiastic crowds searching for the gift for any occasions. Nowadays, it is all about how you can procure this gift easily and all in a comfort of one’s own home. That’s the beauty of technology.

Look at how the trend changes for the past years especially when it comes to gift-giving. What once a norm, now has become such good old memories.

Finding a gift doesn’t necessarily require one to do all the hard works. With a few clicks, you can simply pick any gift, have them wrapped out and shipped directly to you or to your recipient as a surprise. Isn’t that fantastic?

And that’s why in Printcious, we make what was once a probability, a possibility.

Look at how we transform ordinary gifts into something extraordinary. Isn’t this something that we’re looking forward to having in each gift? The eagerness and enthusiasm every time you receive a gift?

Possibly, you are in need to impress a certain someone in your life or trying to rekindle an old flame back in your relationship. Drawing a blank on what to gift him? Don’t be! We know how hard it is to shop for..men. We’ll leave the guessing to you. They can be difficult to shop for and definitely you’re going to need a guide to start. That’s how we come into the picture. We’re more than happy to provide more gift ideas for you and to assist you to find the gifts for him without fail.

All in all, not just men who need help to shop for, but the ladies too. They need some cheer-me-up gifts as well. Finding her a gift should be a piece of cake but if the queen of your heart is a bit picky when it comes to gift; then you better present her with a tailored-made gift. Think about it, a special giftS for her. She’ll love it instantly.

Let us cut to the chase. So, you specifically want a gift for a specific occasion. Easy. We have it covered. You can peruse more gift options available on our store and even can plan to surprise your recipient before the big day. Whether you need a birthday gift ideas, wedding gift ideas and for many special days in the future. Let Printcious be part of the memories.

If we can’t make you feel happy with our gifts, then we don’t think that we are able to provide you with our excellent service for customisable mugs. That’s right, we cater for big events too! Awesome giveaways like colour mugs bulk printing and button badge bulk printing are a cool giveaways to be given to your recipients.

It’s easy right to purchase a gift nowadays? Let Printcious make your gift-gifting experience better than ever.

Fun Activities & Games to Entertain Your Pre-Event Guests

Fun Activities & Games to Entertain Your Pre-Event Guests

There are so many things you could do to spice up the atmosphere in an event. You wouldn’t want your guests to get bored easily before the main event starts, would you? Let’s say you are having an event like workshop, conference, seminar, product launching or even a small party, you will need some games or activities to loosen up the seriousness. There are so many things you can do to entertain your guess before the event starts, take a good look at the following suggestions from different sources.



If you want to make your guests to stay tune to your games & activities all the time, you could try to hold up some contests. According to UWSummit.org, photo contest is not a bad way to make the guests stay tune for games & activities. It does not only allow the guests to win some prizes, but at the same time they could also have some fun with their friends or colleagues.



Other than that, if you want something extraordinary, try fundraising event to grab attentions from the guests. Getting the empathy from audience is not an easy task, especially when you want them to fork out some money. But if you incorporate some freebies for CSR matters like “donation for homeless”, “donation for the poor” or even “donation to the country”, the result could turn out very well and it could garner much attention from all sides!



If you just to have a simple activity where no prizes are involved, maybe you can try to host for a photo booth session. According to TigrisEventsInc.com, it is an effective idea to attract guests’ attention and allow them to have fun among themselves. At the same time, it is also a great for your company to build brand awareness through the props, backdrop, banners and decoration.



We hope that by the end of this post, you can have some ideas for your pre-event games & activities. Speaking of photo booth, if you’re looking for photo booth rental, feel free to drop us a message as we are always here to help you!

How to Choose A Professional Wedding Planner for Your Wedding?

How to Choose A Professional Wedding Planner for Your Wedding?

Every woman’s ultimate life goal is to have a perfect wedding. Of course, after her man kneeled down and proposed to her, she definitely wants a memorable wedding in her life. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? But planning for the wedding is very tiring and troublesome – it involves lots of processes so when you have zero experience, you are literally stepping into an unknown territory.


So here’s what you can do to lessen your troubles – hiring a professional wedding planner to help you do all the job. But it is not as easy as it seems to be, there are several factors you will have to take into consideration when choosing for a right wedding planner.



First you need to take into considering of the wedding planner’s compatibility. According to the professional wedding planner Instyle.com, you will need to spend a lot of time with the wedding planner. Choose a correct one that can understand your characteristics and personalities, so that in the next 6 months you will have no trouble of communicating with each other.

Besides that, an expert wedding planner must have the following quality traits – experience. Based on the information from Vogue.com, we understand that experience is very important when it comes to solving your questions, or sometimes difficulties faced by the guests. Besides that, experience does matter as it will help to lessen the wedding planning burden.

Last but not least, when you are looking for a wedding planner in Malaysia, please bear in mind that there must a certain level of trust between you and the wedding planner. It is important to find someone that you could trust and get along with along the wedding planning journey. He or she will be the one to make your wedding dream comes true with the huge amount of care and control taken on behalf of you. A trustworthy wedding planner makes your wedding a perfect one!

By following the tips above, we are sure that you can find a perfect wedding planner for your big day. Oh yes, if you are looking for photo booth rental for your wedding, we are glad to help you anytime! Just give us a call now!

Red Carpet Poses You Can Steal!

Red Carpet Poses You Can Steal!

We’re sure we’re not alone in being self-critical especially in a photo taken either alone or in a group. Sometimes we’re shocked at how unnatural we looked in digital and printed photos. Though we’re not exactly trying to pose for the red carpet, we’d of course like to look just as glamorous and appealing as star studded celebrities. The red carpet walk and photographs are symbolic of being very aesthetic and highly pictorial.

Photo booths, especially, pose a daunting question to everyone that’s about to enter; How should I pose? Sure there are props and good lighting to hide away your flaws but those aren’t enough to secure you a great picture print out. So what you need to do to look just as great in your photos as your fave celebrities do is to copy what your fave celebrities do when they look their best; red carpet poses!

Is there a school where famous people learn how to pose for the red carpet? And if not a school then at least a rule book which is passed on from celebrity to celebrity? Line up red carpet photographs next to each other and you’ll see what we mean. There are always signature poses that every celebrity, male or female, share. Not one to share the same dress, these celebrities aren’t afraid to share the same poses because they’re all tried, tested, and truly work!

Star Crossed Legs
What you should know is that crossing the legs can either make your legs look slim and long or make you look like you’re holding it in. If you’re being shot head-on (maybe for a street style snap?) cross your legs, remember that it should start at the calf. This stance will make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer, plus it looks a bit more casual. It’s worth noting that the pose also works when you’re sitting.

Hands on Hip
Whether you go for one arm or the double, the hands-on-hips pose defines the waist, straightens out the shoulders and slims the upper arms. It’s a good fall-back when you don’t know what to do with your hands. Lightly place your hand above your hip, instead of aggressively clutching onto the flesh of your torso where your waist is. This creates a better silhouette and slimmer appearance compared to forcefully showing off your body line.

Genuine, Not Forced
Looking good in a picture isn’t about looking happy, it’s about creating a connection with the viewer. Your natural, happy pose may result ii a big smile but can all too easily turn into an overzealous grin if the camera catches you at the wrong blink. The best smile to show is one you could hold for an hour, it’s about finding what’s natural for your facial muscles that it doesn’t strain or create creases.

Loosen Up!
Unless you’re a professional model, odds are that most of the photos you find yourself in are fun, casual shots with friends. As much you think “posing” for these types of pictures will make you look better, the fact remains that loosing up and having a little fun will almost always make for a more flattering snap. Since you’re not trying as hard, there will be less room for error.

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Posing for the Photo Booth Camera

Posing for the Photo Booth Camera

If you like taking photographs and if you love being captured in photographs, chances are you’ve fallen victim to the plague known as unflattering pictures. Confidence level aside, even the prettiest lady in the world could fall into the abyss of what we know as bad angles & poor lighting. So as your trusted photo booth provider, we’re cracking the secrets of looking fabulous in all of your pictures. We want you, our client, to get only the best pictures from your event.

1. Tongue on Roof
One of the most trusted technique that artists and models use is flattening your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This helps you avoid the dreaded double chin that can suddenly appear in pictures though you’re pretty sure you never even had it in the first place. Remember to push your tongue upwards, not downwards! Tongue down will give you the pudgy cheeks look.

2. Important Angles
The reason why you should never snap photos head-on is because there will be an absence of shadows to provide you with the naturally shaded facial shape. Remember to give your head a little nudge upwards or downwards to avoid your face looking wider and in turn, larger & disproportionate.

3. A Little Twist
Give your shoulder and hips a little twist away from the camera to create an elongated silhouette. Position your body 45 degrees and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Then plant one foot slightly in front of the other, point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back leg.

4. No Copycats
When in a group, never fall victim to the temptation to imitate your friend’s pose. Everyone’s shining out in their own way but everyone is shaped differently, so the viewer’s eye will naturally gravitate to who looks best in the pose, not the picture. Be sure to stand comfortably without mimicking the people directly next to you.

Here are our fabulous tips for all you fabulous people out there. Follow these 4 tips for a never failing picture that will always flatter you no matter what camera you’re posing for. Try them all out today!