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 Customised Photo Templates




Customised Photo Templates

What better way than to wow your guests than with something really unique even more so when its something that you came up with. All you have to do so get in touch or simply have a chat with our graphic designers over what you have in mind or better yet you can even send us your sketches or drawings on what your ideas are. Let your creative ideas flow out and we’ll make sure that what’s in your head gets translated into a masterpiece. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve been making customized photo templates for over a thousand of photo booth clients to date, so in regards to experience we have plenty of it. So get your ideas rolling and we’ll make sure that you get what you want.


There are two types of photo templates such as 4R (6″ X 4″) style and also Photo strips (2″ X 6″) style. The clients are able to choose which size or style that they want. Usually guests would choose them based on the amazing events with theme that they’re going to use them with. Like say a shoot that will usually involve a lot of people then it’s advisable that you use the bigger size to get a better view of all of your guests. On the other hand, if your event is something more intimate or with a special individual like a supermodel for example, then you might want to opt for something smaller just for two or three people. Everything is up to you, we’ll do our best to make your event a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved.


MalaysiaPhotoBooth.com provides FREE photo template design services that will mesmerize your guests. Give us your ideas, sketch, symbols, text, slogan and so on, our professional graphic designers will do the rest for you. Usually, our designer will prepare a few designs for the client to pick the most preferable. If the client is not satisfied with it, we will modify the templates again until our client is truly satisfied with it.