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Funky Props



Graps The Funky Props & Start Your Photo Shooting

Having a typical photo is already outdated, just how do you make your photo that much more interesting? The answer is by having a customized and unique photo booth props to add a little bit more fun into your photos.

We will choose the props based on your event theme and not to mention we will also accept your special requests. We will create the best props based on your suggestions and ideas to make your photo shooting experience that much more interesting and fun. Props are counted as the main character in a photo booth because MalaysiaPhotoBooth.com wants every event to be interesting, thrilling and is capable of giving them a lasting memory about the fun that they had in our photo booth. With all the props at your disposal, it will give a brand new fresh look for the guests. It can make the guest go wild, hilarious and it may sometimes make them pose non-stop. They can pose with the character of the props that we had prepared such as Pirates, caveman, cowboy, bombastic hair and so on.

In collaboration with our professional photographers to give you tips on how to pose in front of the camera, your photos will come out perfectly and will eventually make the environment become more hilarious as they try to strike a pose or two. It can also make your guests laugh non-stop in your events.

All you have to do, is ensure that your thoughts and ideas get across to our graphic designers so that we can make your dream and vision a reality. Communication is key, so just get your really good photo booth ideas to us and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even come up with a few drafts for you to choose from, the best one will undoubtedly be used for your event. Imagine having lightsabers and masks for your star wars themed birthday party or even quirky Halloween props for your spooky Halloween night.