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Themed Backdrop

Customised DIY Photo Booth Backdrop


Ready-To-Use / Customised Themed Backdrop

There are two types of backdrops, ready-to-use photo booth backdrops and personalized photo booth backdrops. Every event has its own theme, so it might need backdrops that match the theme. So you can either choose our ready-to-use backdrop or add an extra minimal charge to customize your own personalized backdrops.

Ready-to-use backdrops

For ready-to-use backdrops it may have limited choices for the ready-to-use backdrop such as black, maroon, silver, pink and white. Our ready-to-use backdrops are simple and nice of course but our backdrops are more suitable for standard themes like wedding, birthday, annual dinner and so on. So if you’re thinking of making something special then you should look for the other option, that being said our backdrops aren’t all that shabby either. With a huge plethora of colours to choose from it can easily match your theme for whatever event that you are planning.

Personalized backdrops

Let say if you want a more special and more specific backdrop based on your theme, you can customize it with extra charges (based on the design). You can create the backdrops based on your thoughts, concept, and phrase that you want. For example if you want a glamorous theme that would ensue something like a runway model then you can’t go wrong in using our personalized backdrop, just get acquainted with our professional graphic designer so that you can get your ideas across and make your inspired backdrop a reality. Want a vintage? Then we’ll get right to it, with colours that would match the old days and evoke all those long and lost feelings of the 70s, 80s or even 90s if you so wish the same goes for oldies theme. Say that you want something out of the ordinary, like an anime theme for the birthday party of your anime crazed little boy, then we’ll just as easily get his favourite anime movies or series onto the backdrop together with props that will make him go all crazy for it, in a good way.